Get The Spider Fighter

The Easy, Hands-Off Solution for Getting Rid of Creepy Crawlers! Simply attach the Spider Fighter wands and crevice tool to your vacuum hose and pests are easily suctioned away. With over 5 feet of extended reach, you’ll never have to fear bugs falling or jumping on you, or crawling out of a crumpled paper towel. Best of all, you never “feel the crunch” as you capture pests. And you’ll feel secure knowing that all .

Vroom Garage Vac wins 2 industry awards

The Vroom Garage Vac was recently announced as CE Pro’s 2014 Winner of the BEST New Product/Technology in the Central Vacuum Category! CE Pro annually recognizes the most noteworthy new home products and technologies with their BEST Awards. The BEST Award winners were selected by CE Pro editors and a team of custom installers who evaluate products based on their: • Innovation • Benefit to the Integrator • Benefit to the Consumer Vroom Garage .