Hose Management Solutions

Wouldn’t life be easier if the small stuff could be taken care of effortlessly?

whitecabinetThat’s exactly what VACUFLO offers you – powerful whole – house cleaning plus fast, easy cleanups of frequent daily messes. VACUFLO’s quick – clean products like Vroom, Spot and Hide – A – Hose, let you clean at the speed of life. Simply pull the hose out of the cabinet or wall, vacuum, then the hose retracts out of sight until the next time it’s needed. A VACUFLO Central Vacuum System combined with quick – clean accessories offer fingertip cleaning convenience in every room of your home!


Installs in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, so it’s instantly accessible for quick cleanups. Automatic on/off with up to 24 feet of built-in retractable hose.


Mounts overhead for easy cleaning of garages, cars, boats and campers – just like a car wash! Reach up, pull down, vacuum, then the 24-foot hose retracts.


Stores up to 10 feet of retractable hose in the wall for on-the-spot cleaning in laundry rooms, mudrooms, foyers and pet areas.


Stores up to 50 feet of hose in the wall until needed. When vacuuming is done, the suction automatically retracts the hose. One inlet covers up to 2200 sq. ft. for convenient whole-house cleaning.


Mounts on any wall surface, side of cabinet or in closets and pantries, providing 13 feet of expandable hose.