Vroom® Solo


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Product Description

vroom2Incredible little power house that fits anywhere! It’s the most convenient appliance available for fast clean-ups of all your daily spills and messes. All you need is an electrical outlet and you’re good to go.

The Vroom® Solo Central is ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces and dry messes in high traffic areas of your home, such as kitches and bathrooms. Its instant accessibility makes it a great addition to your more thorough weekly cleaning regimen. The Vroom Central is not a stand alone product, and will work with just about any central vacuum system.

  • Stand-alone unit. Central vacuum system not needed
  • This compact vacuum comes with its own brawny power unit
  • Installation is fast- Vroom Solo plugs into 120 volt power supply
  • Fits most standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Collection bag is easily accessed

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Bathroom model, 18-in, Kitchen model, 22-in.