Hide-A-Hose for Central Vacuums

VACUFLO Central Vacuums feature Hide-A-Hose retractable hose management system for convenient cleaning.

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Vroom Quick Cleaning Vacuum Accessory

In addition, Vroom® has another unique application – the garage. With a handy garage-mounting bracket, Vroom turns into a space-saving necessity for cleaning car interiors, floors, workbenches, windows and doors. Just reach up and pull down the handle for powerful central vacuuming in your garage.

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“Spot” for Central Vacuums

Vroom® Spot is designed for specific daily messes in the home. Quick clean spots like the dryer lint screen and the cat litter box with Spot! Spot by Vroom stores up to 15 feet of hose in the wall for convenient “on the spot” cleaning and remains completely concealed in the wall until you need it.

Easily accessible when vacuuming messes, just lift the lid and pull out the hose – it retracts back into the wall when you’re finished. Spot is perfect in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and where daily cleanups are needed – by the litter box, by the lint screen, at entrances.

If there are no cabinets available for a Vroom, Spot is a great alternative. Spot comes with a removable dusting brush, and is available in three colors to match any décor – white, black and almond.

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